CLA-VAL 134E/D-97e (HS) : Vanne de Déluge à Contrôle de Pression


CLA-VAL 134E-D-97e (HS) : Vanne de Déluge à Contrôle de Pression

The CLA-VAL Model 134E/D-97e Solenoid Control Valve is an on-off electric/hydraulic control valve which either opens or closes upon receiving an electrical signal to the solenoid pilot control. This valve consists of a 100G/2100G U.L. listed HYTROL main valve, a three-way solenoid valve, an auxiliary pilot valve and a pressure reducing control valve. This pilot control system alternately applies or relieves pressure from the diaphragm chamber of the main valve. It is furnished either normally open (de-energize solenoid open) or normally closed (energize solenoid to open). Pressure reducing control is a normally open control that senses main valve outlet pressure changes. Isolation ball valve by-pass solenoid and auxiliary valve.

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