CLA-VAL Valve built to last !

Stopped during Covid-19, since March 20th the Geneva Fountain (Jet d’Eau) has been put back in service last Thursday June 11th. Over 150 years old and main attraction in Geneva 500 l/s of water are jetted at 200 km/hr velocity to a level of 140 meters by two 500 kW pumps.

The two pumps, partially immerged in the lake under the Jet d’Eau itself, are reuniting in a single pipe under the water nozzle.

Just before the water nozzle a CLA-VAL Valve maintains a backpressure against the pumps in order to prevent cavitation on pumps starting’s.

This valve is a 2 solenoids type CLA-VAL 138 valve sized 350 mm.

Installed at end of 1960’s the main valve is now an over 50 years old reference !