Global Ethics Day, celebrated on October 18th, is a poignant reminder of the vital role ethics plays in our global society. At CLA-VAL, we wholeheartedly embrace this occasion to underscore our unyielding dedication to ethical business conduct. Our commitment extends comprehensively, touching our interactions with customers, suppliers, employees, and every individual we encounter.

With our customers, we prioritize transparency, fairness, and trust, fostering enduring relationships based on integrity. In supplier relationships, we emphasize ethical sourcing and responsible procurement, recognizing the importance of ethical supply chains.

Our employees are the heart of our organization, and our commitment extends to providing them with a supportive, inclusive work environment, where diversity thrives and voices are valued.

Our ethical compass extends to all interactions, contributing positively to regulatory bodies, local communities, and everyone we engage with. This World Ethics Day, we reiterate our pledge to uphold the highest moral standards in our business practices, recognizing that ethics is not just an option; it’s the essence of our journey towards a more just and sustainable world.