Environmental Commitment


CLA-VAL has been integrating environmental issues into its management system complying to the SO 14001 international certification. The quality of manufacturing and the quality of the materials used for our equipment ensure a very long service life in operation and thus reduce their impact on the environment, both during and after use. From design to installation, we anticipate and control the environmental risks associated with our activities.


The electrical energy used by CLA-VAL to supply its workshops and offices comes from electricity, mostly from renewable sources. CLA-VAL has undertaken to install solar panels on the entire roof of its buildings in order to produce 100% electrical energy from renewable sources to cover 95% of its needs and to inject 5% of this energy locally into the Swiss electricity grid.


CLA-VAL has a soft mobility plan for its employees in order to encourage environmentally friendly travel and physical exercise.

A bicycle shelter equipped with a power station for battery chargers is available to all employees.

Business trips are reduced to a minimum and replaced as much as possible by video/audio conferencing.


CLA-VAL systematically favors the purchase of efficient and ecological equipment. Preference is given to companies with environmental commitments or which develop environmentally friendly processes or solutions.

CLA-VAL is committed to making its suppliers, partners and subcontractors aware of the benefits of working with companies committed to the environment.


CLA-VAL has renounced the use of non-recyclable or non-biodegradable tableware for office meals or celebrations. PET and aluminum sorting have been introduced in the canteen and rest rooms. Disposable hand towels have been replaced by cloth rolls.

CLA-VAL uses presence detectors and light and water timers in all its washrooms to reduce waste.

CLA-VAL has adopted microfiber cloths for cleaning its premises, which significantly reduce the use of detergents and cleaning chemicals, and only uses environmentally certified cleaning products.

As far as possible, CLA-VAL avoids the purchase of any type of equipment that includes volatile organic compounds.


Most of our waste is sorted and recycled, except for waste that does not allow it (the volume of this waste is decreasing every year).

Rechargeable batteries replace batteries for all electronic equipment. Chargers and recycling bins for end-of-life elements are available to employees. All electrical or electronic components are recovered and recycled by specialized companies.

Printer toner cartridges are collected and recycled by specialized companies.

Recyclable waste (PET, metals, glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, wood) is recovered and recycled by specialized companies.


Archiving is systematically and exclusively done electronically and without printing.

Our customers’ documentation is sent by e-mail in PDF format, no documents are sent by post unless expressly requested.

All our internal correspondence is exclusively by e-mail.

CLA-VAL uses 100% recycled paper or FSC-certified paper.

In each office there is a wastepaper basket for draft and recycling.