Sustainable development is a key part of the CLA-VAL sustainable strategy. CLA-VAL did embrace to avoid and reduces carbon footprint across the entire value chain. Our efforts include using green energy in our production facilities. Solar energy is a great given green energy. In 2019, CLA-VAL did launch a study to evaluate the potential for solar panels in their Swiss facilities. The study concluded to a real potential in using over 2’000 m2 (20’000 ft2) of flat roofs to install solar panels.

This summer installation of 736 solar panels totalizing 272,32 kWp power DC has been completed. The solar power installation produces 300 MWh per year equivalent to 116 tons saved CO2 or 5322 new planted trees.

CLA-VAL is very proud of this achievement and our group continues to innovate with a gradual switch to electric company vehicles, but also by improving our environmental performance, reducing carbon footprint and newly ISO 14001 certified.