CLA-VAL D22-138-L21/P9 : Position Control Valve 4-20 mA / P9 – D22 Electronic Controller

The CLA-VAL D22-138-L21/P9 is a programmable control valve, designed as a direct acting for opening/closing or regulating a pressure, flow, or other parameters (reservoir level). The CLA-VAL CPC-34 motorized pilot, commanded by a 4-20 mA signal, controls the valve position using hydraulically assisted technology.
The regulation is customizable and follows fully user programmable profile and rules.
Standards Applications: – Reservoir Management, – Injection between networks, – Blending or – Flow control.
The P9 option is an important manual override in case of power shut-off.

Included :

– Main Valve Hytrol/X743
– Strainer
– Position Control Actuated
– Electronic Advanced Controller

The CLA-VAL SERIES D22 programmable Control Valves automatically adjust valve regulation according to customized pre-defined rules.
The combination of precise, field proven, CLA-VAL electronically actuated hydraulic pilots and the CLA-VAL D22 Electronic Controller allows advanced regulation while keeping full hydraulic control.
The CLA-VAL SERIES D22 valves can be connected to the CLA-VAL Link2Valves web platform for remote valve diagnostic and control.