The CLA-VAL 50-01 (Sustaining Service) is typically installed in a line between an upper zone and a lower area of heavy demand or tank, the valve acts to maintain desired upstream pressure to prevent “robbing” of pressure in upper zone.
The CLA-VAL 50-01 (Relief Service) is installed to protect the system or installations against high pressure surges.
Included :

– Main Valve Hytrol
– Strainer with Incorporated Orifice
– Pressure Relief Control
– Needle Valve
– Valve position indicator X101
– Gauge cock CSA-12, Rp 1/2″ (upstream)
– Pressure gauge [0-16 bar]

The CLA-VAL SERIES 50 Sustaining Valve accurately maintains a minimum preset (Pressure Relief Control) inlet pressure regardless of changing flow rate.
The CLA-VAL SERIES 50 Relief Valve opens fast to dissipate excess system pressure.