The CLA-VAL 40-01 is typically installed where water supply to a system (inlet to a reservoir, industrial users, etc.) must be limited to a maximum flow rate.
The Orifice Plate Assembly may be fixed directly to the main valve outlet flange, however, better control is obtained if it is installed in stabilized flow conditions downstream of the valve.

Included :

-Main Valve Hytrol AE/GE/NGE
-Orifice Plate Assembly
-Strainer with Incorporated Orifice
-Needle Valve
-Differential Pressure Control
-Valve Position Indicator X101
-Gauge Cock CSA-12, Rp 1/2″ (upstream)
-Pressure Gauge [0-16 bar]

The CLA-VAL SERIES 40 is used to accurately limit excessive flow to a preselected maximum rate (Flow Control) regardless of changes in pressure and/or varying inlet flow.