The CLA-VAL 210-01 is typically designed for closed reservoirs where water is withdrawn through a separate line.
The desired water level is set by adjusting the spring force.
The pilot control operates on the differential in forces between a spring load and the water level in the reservoir.
The CLA-VAL 210-01 is one way flow only.

Included :

– Main Valve Hytrol AE/GE/NGE
– Strainer
– 3-Way on/off Altitude Level Control
– Needle Valve
– Valve position indicator X101
– Gauge cock CSA-12, Rp 1/2″ (upstream)
– Pressure gauge [0-16 bar]

The CLA-VAL SERIES 210 On/Off Altitude Level Control Valve controls the high water level in a reservoir or closed tank without the need for floats or other devices.
It is a non-throttling valve that remains fully open until the shut-off point is reached.