In the world of fluid control and management, one of the most daunting challenges is combating cavitation. CLA-VAL, an industry leader, has harnessed innovation to create a trio of exceptional anti-cavitation options: ACS, KOL, and KO-1.

The ACS option is primarily used for regulation and protection in applications where there is a high-pressure differential and the valve’s stroke falls within the range of 10% to 70%.

The KOL seat is intended for punctual protection, offering a fixed stroke. This design ensures consistent and reliable protection.

The KO-1 is specialized for regulation and protection in scenarios with very high-pressure differentials, allowing for different stroke positions ranging from 0% to 100%. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications where both pressure regulation and protection are critical, and the valve’s stroke needs to be adaptable across its entire range.

These options are more than just safeguards; they are precision instruments that ensure the integrity of pipelines and the reliability of critical equipment.