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The VODOVODY KANALIZACE 2023 event came to a close a few days ago in Prague, and it’s time to thank our partner of over 40 years, HUTIRA (plyn), who exhibited some of our hydraulic solutions in Hall 3 – Stand no. 38.

In particular, you were able to discover a mobile pressure reduction station designed by one of our customer for connecting 2 zones in case of need.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at waterworks@cla-val.ch


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AVDE 2023

On the occasion of the technical day of Valaisan Association of Water Suppliers (AVDE) which took place on May 17, 2023 in Valais, CLA-VAL Europe was able to demonstrate its hydraulic solutions to the attending members.
It is time to thank you, association members, who came to meet us and make our future a joint success.

More information on our hydraulic solutions: www.cla-val-europe.com / waterworks@cla-val.ch

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DN100 / PN16 CLA-VAL Backflow Preventer

Installation of a DN100 / PN16 CLA-VAL backflow preventer with a downstream pressure stabilization function set at 4 bar.

Our PN10 / PN16 / PN25 backflow preventers can be installed on cold / hot water and in a vertical position.

Protecting your water from polluted fluid in the same time regulating the downstream pressure, it is easy for CLA-VAL Europe.

More information : www.cla-val-europe.com / waterworks@cla-val.ch

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CLA-VAL 210-01 : On/Off Altitude Level Control Valve

The CLA-VAL 210-01 is typically designed for closed reservoirs where water is withdrawn through a separate line.
The desired water level is set by adjusting the spring force.
The pilot control operates on the differential in forces between a spring load and the water level in the reservoir.
The CLA-VAL 210-01 is one way flow only.

Included :

– Main Valve Hytrol AE/GE/NGE
– Strainer
– 3-Way on/off Altitude Level Control
– Needle Valve
– Valve position indicator X101
– Gauge cock CSA-12, Rp 1/2″ (upstream)
– Pressure gauge [0-16 bar]

The CLA-VAL SERIES 210 On/Off Altitude Level Control Valve controls the high water level in a reservoir or closed tank without the need for floats or other devices.
It is a non-throttling valve that remains fully open until the shut-off point is reached.

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International Firefighter's Day

CLA-VAL Fire Protection supports Firefighters

Protecting Lives


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CLA-VAL 40-01 : Flow Control valve

The CLA-VAL 40-01 is typically installed where water supply to a system (inlet to a reservoir, industrial users, etc.) must be limited to a maximum flow rate.
The Orifice Plate Assembly may be fixed directly to the main valve outlet flange, however, better control is obtained if it is installed in stabilized flow conditions downstream of the valve.

Included :

-Main Valve Hytrol AE/GE/NGE
-Orifice Plate Assembly
-Strainer with Incorporated Orifice
-Needle Valve
-Differential Pressure Control
-Valve Position Indicator X101
-Gauge Cock CSA-12, Rp 1/2″ (upstream)
-Pressure Gauge [0-16 bar]

The CLA-VAL SERIES 40 is used to accurately limit excessive flow to a preselected maximum rate (Flow Control) regardless of changes in pressure and/or varying inlet flow.

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CLA-VAL D22-138-L21/P9

CLA-VAL D22-138-L21/P9 : Position Control Valve 4-20 mA / P9 – D22 Electronic Controller

The CLA-VAL D22-138-L21/P9 is a programmable control valve, designed as a direct acting for opening/closing or regulating a pressure, flow, or other parameters (reservoir level). The CLA-VAL CPC-34 motorized pilot, commanded by a 4-20 mA signal, controls the valve position using hydraulically assisted technology.
The regulation is customizable and follows fully user programmable profile and rules.
Standards Applications: – Reservoir Management, – Injection between networks, – Blending or – Flow control.
The P9 option is an important manual override in case of power shut-off.

Included :

– Main Valve Hytrol/X743
– Strainer
– Position Control Actuated
– Electronic Advanced Controller

The CLA-VAL SERIES D22 programmable Control Valves automatically adjust valve regulation according to customized pre-defined rules.
The combination of precise, field proven, CLA-VAL electronically actuated hydraulic pilots and the CLA-VAL D22 Electronic Controller allows advanced regulation while keeping full hydraulic control.
The CLA-VAL SERIES D22 valves can be connected to the CLA-VAL Link2Valves web platform for remote valve diagnostic and control.

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Eid Mubarak 2023

On the occasion of the celebration of Eid al-Fitr the CLA-VAL Group
sends its best wishes of joy, health and prosperity to all their Muslim Partners celebrating around the world.
Eid-al-Fitr does end the holy month of Ramadan.
CLA-VAL wishes to all its Muslim customers and their families a blessed and joyful Eid-al-Fitr.

Eid Mubarak

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CLA-VAL Services

CLA-VAL is always at your disposal, whether for Hydraulic Analysis, Valve Sizing, or any recommendations of installation.

Precise sizing of Automatic control valves made easy using CLA-VAL standard software. CLA-VAL can very quickly provide a sizing review of your valve. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our customer service department would like to thank its customers and partners for their confidence and their choice of excellence!

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