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INTERSEC 2022 Saudi Arabia

CLA-VAL would like to thank its partners and customers who are exhibiting their equipment at INTERSEC in Saudi Arabia from September 13 to 15, 2022, for their confidence in the high quality of our fire protection products.
Let’s make our future a joint success for fire protection projects.

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CLA-VAL offers complete and integrated solutions for small and large industrial users supplying water and for fire protections systems. Optimised and innovative solutions are the product of a collaborative relationship with our customers and engineers.
More information on www.cla-val-europe.com

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WETEX 2022

WETEX is organised from 27 to 29 September 2022 by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and is in line with Dubai’s vision to build a sustainable future for the Emirate.
The CLA-VAL stand has the honour of being located in the heart of the Swiss pavilion at the exhibition – Hall 7 – Stand 7 B5
Our specialists Ashraf Farag and Christophe Piro will present you our latest innovations during this prestigious event.

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SPA Francorchamps track

The organization of the F1 Grand Prix of Spa Francorchamps which took place last week required an urgent delivery of a PN40 pressure reducing valve.
Our factory in Romanel-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, did assemble and ship this valve to Belgium in less than 4 hours from the receipt of the order !
CLA-VAL speed with an engine performing at F1 level.

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CLA-VAL Series 85

CLA-VAL Series 85 excess flow shut-off control valves protect the Bratislava bridge in the event of a pipe failure.
The CLA-VAL 85-18 is typically installed to protect the downstream system against the sudden rise of pressure. If the maximum preset pressure is reached, the valve closes. Below the preset pressure, the valve remains fully open.
This is just one of the many CLA-VAL solutions.

More information on www.cla-val-europe.com

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From a Maximum Pressure down to a Minimum Pressure: CLA-VAL beyond the imaginable!

Reducing pressure by means of a valve for drinking water distribution is a trivial matter in itself.

But when it comes to controlling a large differential pressure, in this case from 55 bar to 1 bar, CLA-VAL says yes!


CLA-VAL is challenged and did innovate with a customized solution adapted to those very extreme hydraulic conditions.

Reducing, controlling, and stabilizing network pressures and flows is the expression of more than 80 years of unequalled hydraulic precision.

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CLA-VAL Marine

On board ships, CLA-VAL products control the ballast, lubrication,fire protection and fueling systems, including helicopter and jet refueling.
CLA-VAL combines its superior engineering design capabilities with extensive manufacturing know-how to offer global solutions.

From Pressure Reducing valves to Backflow Preventers, discover our product range dedicated to marine environment.

More than just a product, CLA-VAL is the solution.

More information on www.cla-val-europe.com

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Smart Water Management.

SMART CITIES are a reality today, and clean water management is definitely part of it.
CLA-VAL continues to innovate in order to offer the best solutions for the most demanding needs. CLA-VAL connected valves, based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, make it easy to implement smart water management in your network.

Water networks regulation often varies dynamically, depending on hydraulic conditions, which are sometimes happening at a distant location from the regulation valve. As an example, you may need to vary the flow going through the valve as a function of water level in a tank located a few kilometers away.
The CLA-VAL D22 PEERING functionality, including embedded intelligence coupled with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, regulates automatically the flowrate going through the valve as a function of the remote reservoir water level, without any additional hydraulic or electric connection.

When coupled with the CLA-VAL Link2Valves platform providing remote configuration capability, this feature allows a fully automated regulation that can be optimized remotely, reducing field interventions on sites that can be distant from each other or difficult to access.

A one of many CLA-VAL Smart Water Management solution to optimize your time and the regulation of your network!

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CLA-VAL strength comes from its commitments

Water strength comes from nature.
CLA-VAL strength comes from its commitments.

CLA-VAL commits to providing the highest quality automatic control valves, employing the best possible resources to provide you with continuous improvements and employing environmentally appropriate technology in all of our business.

It is more than a right, it is a duty.
It is more than a valve, it’s CLA-VAL !

For more information, visit www.cla-val-europe.com

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